A SPECIAL Marymass exhibit set up to celebrate the 90th year of the introduction of the Queen and her four Marys was launched last week.

Marymass: The Reigning Years has opened to the public in Irvine’s Townhouse after a preview event was held last Friday.

And the guest of honour, former Mary from 1937 Margaret Fulton, officially cut the Marymass bunting to mark the occasion.

The 96-year-old former Mary told the Times: “It’s lovely, it’s really been good. I’ve enjoyed the night and it’s nice to see all the old photos, everything’s lovely.

“It was nice seeing Theresa Quinn getting crowned, it was a nice day and a good memory.

“It was very different in 1937, we didn’t get anything to eat or anything we just got picked up and taken around the town.

“I’m looking forward to it this year – I’ll be out on the Moor likely.”

Items on display include remastered footage of Marymass back in the thirties as well as the original minutes from 1928 when the decision to introduce the Royal Party was made.

Opening the exhibition, North Ayrshire Provost Ian Clarkson said: “I am absolutely delighted to welcome you all here tonight. Being a fellow Carter it has special significance for me. We have had some great Marymasses but I’m sure this year it is going to be one of the best.

“Look forward to this year’s Marymass, I’m certainly looking forward to it and getting back up on the horse this year. I am certain it is going to be one of the best ever.”

Captain of the Carters Danny Kerr said: “Obviously we’ve got this new facility looking to bring in exhibitions and this being the 90th year of the Queen and the Marys it was the ideal time to have a Marymass exhibition.”

“We have managed to digitise a 1931 film in black and white, we’ve got the minute book from 1928 where the meeting took place to introduce Mary Queen of Scots to Irvine, so there’s something for everyone and a lot of historical information.”