AN IRVINE woman who had to flee the area to escape from a sick thug claims his two year jail sentence is not long enough.

Robert McLaughlan – who has previously went by the surname Scott – subjected the woman to violent abuse and threats for four years.

This included beating her, choking her and brandishing a hammer.

He also assaulted a baby and a teenager.

The 40-year-old woman, who we can’t name, told the Times the abuse took her to the point of trying to take her own life.

However, she said the best decision of her life was seeking help to leave the relationship – and has urged other woman in the same place to do the same.

The 34-year-old thug was caged for two years after brutally assaulting the woman to her severe injury on various occasions between 2013 and 2017 at addresses in Irvine’s Kirkgate, Bourtreehill and elsewhere in Scotland.

After he was sentenced, the woman told the Times: “He is an absolute animal.

Two years just isn’t enough, it’s horrendous.

“He is disgusting in the way he treats women.

“He has lied the full way, he never admitted to anything. He should have admitted it from the beginning and saved the trauma of court.

“Two years is never enough time for what he’s done.

“It’s been a long haul. It’s been a very long process.”

McLaughlan was caged for two years on Tuesday July 17 after being found guilty of four assault charges and one of threatening or abusive behaviour.

He also assaulted a one-year-old boy by grabbing hold of him, lifting him off the ground, pinning him against a wall.

He later assaulted the same child, then aged four by pinning him against stairs and restricting his breathing while shouting and swearing.

The jury returned a not proven verdict for three further charges after trial in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court.

She added: “With domestic abuse it’s very hard to have a witness but fortunately for me , neighbours came forward.

“One of my neighbours actually helped me one time. They phoned the police and that was when he got remanded – because the police burst in while it was going on and put a stop to it.

“I wa s already w ith Women’s Aid but I had gone back to get clothes and he didn’t want me to leave.

“It was just a terrible time. I had to move away from all my friends and family.

“The man is horrendous. He is calculated in what he’s doing that’s what the scary thing is.

But I thought no, he cannot get away with treating people like this.

“I ended up having to leave my work because of him. I was terrified. “I had to pack my job in, I lost a hell of a lot, I lost all my friends, I had nobody around about me.

“I almost took my own life in October last year. I had taken an overdose with a bottle of whisky and 100 Solpadol tablets, I couldn’t take any more because of what happened.

She also thanked the local Women’s Aid for their support and encouraged any other women in the same situation to get out now.

She said: “I wish I had left sooner I really do. I wish I had got myself out of the situation.

“I would urge any woman in that situation to get out as soon as you can. It’s hard and scary but you need to get out and go for help and there is help that is out there.

“Women’s Aid have helped me like you would not believe, out of every service they are the best in what they do for women in that situation they are fantastic

“What he has done is hor rendous and it has affected my whole life, he is a danger to women. “I’m born and bred in Irvine and to be away from my home because of what he’s done is sad.”