Kilwinning schoolboy Kieran has been diagnosed with a post-operative syndrome after having one of five brain tumours removed from his brain.

The 13-year-old and his family have been told he has Posterior Fossa Syndrome - a condition which affects 30 per cent of children following brain surgery.

The symptoms include mutism or speech disturbances, difficulty swallowing, decreased motor movement, cranial nerve palsies in the face and head.

These develop from an average range of 24 to 107 hours after surgery and can take weeks to months to resolve.

Kieran’s mum Senga told the Times: “I was worried about Kieran’s symptoms and wondering why they weren’t getting much better so I Googled them and this Posterior Fossa Syndrome came up. When I kept reading it was like someone had written it specifically about Kieran.

“When I told his doctors about it they agreed and said they had already thought he had it but didn’t want to add to the stress we already have. At least I know now and I know what his future has in store and that, in time he might be able to get back to doing certain things.”

Senga has also been battling with North Ayrshire Council to have her home adjusted to Kieran’s wheelchair or be rehomed, but says in the end, she has found a friend-of-a-friend who is willing to swap houses with her.

Last month we told how Senga was angry that council chiefs said Kieran doesn’t qualify for a disabled access home. But a Blacklands woman who is a family friend, came forward and offered to give her house up for Senga and Kieran.

Senga said: “Her house has a downstairs toilet and bedroom and would be much more suitable for Kieran. We have had builders and architects in to see if they can make some slight modifications to it, so all being well that swap will go ahead.

“In the end North Ayrshire Council offered us a house in Springside, but our support network and Kieran’s friends and school are in Kilwinning. I just want to keep that part of his life as normal as possible.”

A charity Danceathon will go ahead next month to raise money for Kieran’s plight.

The event will take place in Blacklands Bowling Club on September 22 from 6.30pm.

Tickets are £5 per adult and £2.50 for kids.