A MAN who stripped completely naked and fondled himself in a Kilwinning pub in an act of drunken “bravado” could be placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Kevin Scott admitted to stripping bare in the Alton Inn on April 21 this year after getting so drunk staff told him he would only be served two drinks.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 43-year-old from Dirrans Terrace was in the bar from around 11.30 in the morning. Following the drinks warning from staff he went, with a friend to sit outside in the beer garden.

At 1pm two witnesses came in the pub to watch the football and shortly afterwards one of them saw the accused standing in the corridor behind a glass door, naked and fondling his private parts.

Fiscal Jennifer Harkins said: “She clearly saw the accused through the glass and noticed that he was naked, not wearing any clothing at all.

“She noted that the accused was fondling his p***s and moving it up and down. She noted it lasted for approximately 30 seconds.

“She informed a staff member about this who went to the beer garden area and saw the accused standing in his boxer shorts putting his t-shirt back up.

“Another staff member saw the accused with his jeans and t-shirt on and putting his boots on.”

Staff questioned Scott about his actions and noted he appeared in a “jokey” manner.

Miss Harkins added: “When asked what he had done he stated, ‘It was rugby mentality that went too far’.

“He left the pub and returned five minutes later to apologise to the witness who had seen him.”

Police were contacted, and Scott was arrested two days later.

Scott’s defence lawyer said his client had simply got carried away with “bravado”.

He said: “He’s got an issue with the drink which is reflected here. It’s been so-called bravado from people who should know better.”

Sheriff Iona MacDonald said she would defer sentencing Scott until social work reports had been done as she wanted to find out if this had been a joke or not.

She said: “You get boys who stick their bare bums out of windows if there’s a dare.

“It all seems very funny to them but not to the others around them.

“People of a certain age who should know better who think it’s all a jolly jape but actually it’s a pain in the neck for other people.

“The Sex Offenders’ register is for people who are a danger to the public so they can be detected and observed. I want to find out if you are one of those people.”

He will appear before the court later this month.