A CHARITY that helps people battling back from their addictions has received a welcome funding boost.

Freedom Fighters, which is based in Irvine, will receive £30,000 over three years from North Ayrshire Ventures Trust which will help them introduce their new Character Under Construction project.

Derek Moir set up Freedom Fighters a decade ago after beating his addiction and the effects of it and after an encounter with God, committed his life to help others break free from the same problems he battled.

Derek and his team’s latest project will focus on transformation over treatment, offering a three-phased year programme – Rescue, Restore, Release– which aims to work in partnership with the Alcohol and Drug Partnership and assist them in tackling the alcohol and drug related problems in our local community.

The NAVT funding will go towards the costs of a project manager and the running costs of the project.

Derek said: “We’re delighted to get this backing from North Ayrshire Venture’s Trust. We are sure our Character Under Construction project will have a massive, positive impact on the lives of many people.

“The three-phased project will look at the whole person. Their spirit, soul and body. Ultimately our goal is to see lives that have been damaged and destroyed restored to God’s original factory settings for them. We believe that you can learn to fight and win, and it’s not too late to be transformed no matter how long you have been defeated.

“Our current base is Fullarton ConneXions in Irvine but we hope to really develop this programme over the next three years, spreading it right across North Ayrshire.”

Derek had his own problems to contend with. After experiencing the terrible effects of drug- induced psychosis and a stint in prison he seemed destined for a life of crime.

But he had an awakening after an encounter with God that radically changed his life. This started him on a long process of transformation, and with the help of many others Derek started to turn his life around.

He said: “In the light of the recent drug deaths in our community, we are more determined than ever to reach out to those who are in these same patterns or have the same feelings. People need to know that it’s not too late, their lives can change, there is an alternative, it’s fighting for the life that God intended.”

Character Under Construction launches on Friday September 21 from 1-4pm. To find out more email: info@freedomfighters.life