The Marymass Flower Show will be held in Irvine’s Volunteer Rooms on Monday, August 27.

And as well as flowers, it will feature vegetables, floral art, baking, jams, handicrafts, children’s section and, for all the first timers, a novice section.

Doors open at 2.30pm with the official opening by this year’s Marymass Queen.

Staging of entries: Sunday 6.45pm - 9.30pm and Monday 7am - 10am.

Organiser Bill Anderson said: “It’s a fun event and not overly competitive.

“A number of shows have fallen by the wayside due to falling entries. We don’t want our show to go the same way, therefore, I urge you to make some cup cakes, a slab of tablet, bring that pot plant that sits at the window or in the garden, cut some annuals or herbaceous plants and stick them in one of our vases, pull out some carrots. In fact, we’ll take almost anything – within reason. Go for it.

“Many have entered and come again. We’ll be pleased to see you and if you need some advice on the show or would like a schedule, please contact me at billand31@gmail. com or call 01294 277461 or 078 469 80 193.