RESIDENTS living in a plush Irvine estate have been left confused after developers muddled up their street names.

Homeowners living in Montgomery View say bosses at Persimmon have put up the wrong signs in every street in the estate.

Annoyed residents living in Ladyacre Wynd, Ladyacre Way and Ladyacre Grove say the mix up is even more ridiculous – because they told Persimmon staff they were putting up the wrong signs, but they went ahead and did it anyway.

They also claim that mail is constantly delivered to wrong addresses and the mixed-up street names will only add to the confusion.

Once resident told the Times: “They have all the signs all wrong. We saw the guys out there putting them up and when we went out and told them they were wrong he just showed us a map and said he had to follow what it said. Then they went ahead and put every one of them up even though we told him they were all wrong.

“All of our mail already goes to the wrong houses and now this. You couldn’t make it up.”

A spokeswoman for Persimmon apologised and said the mistake had simply been “human error”.

She said: “It’s been human error on our part, in terms of the instructions given to our guys. The signs will stay where they are but we will re-letter them and that will be done by early next week. We apologise for the confusion.”