A pensioner who knocked down a cyclist on an Irvine road has been banned from driving.

Thomas Coghill was on his way to collect his wife from church when he struck a man cycling on Marress Road on August 13, 2017.

The cyclist told police he had seen the 72-year-old “straddling two lanes” before he began “shaking his head at him” immediately before the collision occurred.

The fiscal told Kilmarnock Sheriff Court: “The cyclist was cycling with his brother towards the roundabout and whilst doing so became aware of the vehicle, a Honda Jazz straddling the two lanes next to them.

“They noticed the driver to be an elderly male and he appeared to shake his head at them. They entered the roundabout and continued on towards Irvine Town Centre.

“The cyclist was behind his brother. They heard the vehicle accelerate and indicate left at the roundabout.

“The car then went across the rear of the cyclists bike and struck him, knocking him off his bike. He fell to the ground injuring his right arm.

“Police officers on nearby patrol had observed the cyclist come off his bike. The accused had continued to drive towards the Maritime Museum and stopped. Police spoke to him and he was arrested.

“The cyclist attended Crosshouse Hospital due to the pain in his arm and it was confirmed that he had two fractures to his arm and was placed in a cast. Other injuries were swelling and bruising.

Defending Coghill, solicitor Alex Muir said: “He is 72-years-old and lives with his wife. When this incident happened it was a Sunday. He was going to collect his wife from church.

“He thought he was sufficiently passed the cyclist but clearly he was not and he accepts that and is dearly sorry for the injuries that were caused.

“He has been driving for around 50 years doesn’t appear to have been in any trouble.

“He has taken the decision that he should no longer drive and his licence has been surrendered to the DVLA." 

Sheriff McCartney fined Coghill £480 and disqualified him from driving for 10 months.