BUSINESS bosses have apologised to a community group after a blunder left them without a float for the Marymass parade.

A crisis meeting was held last week after the Times revealed dozens of Fullarton kids and volunteers were left to walk the seven-mile parade route after Ardagh Glass bosses stripped their float bare and redecorated it with company banners – 45 minutes before the parade kicked off.

After community leader Donna Fitzpatrick revealed the shocking incident had ruined her entire Marymass weekend members of the Fullarton Community Group, Irvine Carters Society and Ardagh Glass met up to discuss the blunder – with the bottle company bosses apologising and offering to stump up the bill for the community’s forthcoming Open Day on Saturday, September 15.

Donna said: “Myself and Babs Duffy met with a representative from Ardagh Glass with Andy Tremble in attendance.

“It was admitted that it had been a gross misunderstanding regarding the float with them not fully reading the context of an email to which they apologised and we reached an amicable agreement.

“We have accepted their apology and we all want to move forward regarding this matter. Thanks for all the support.”

Andy Tremble from Irvine Carters Society added: “A meeting was held to discuss an honest communication error on Saturday, August 25 regarding Fullarton Community float. An apology

has been accepted and an amicable solution has been reached. Thank you to all for your hard work and understanding.

“We thank Ardagh Glass and Fullarton Community Association for their support.

“Saturday witnessed one of the biggest and best Marymass parades in recent times and thank you to all the townspeople and visitors who supported our festival.

“Thanks for supporting Marymass 2018 and here’s to 2019.”