A NEW relaxed Dementia-friendly shopping lane was launched last week at an Irvine supermarket.

Irvine’s Tesco staff were joined by Dr Philippa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, last Wednesday to launch their new relaxed check-out in support of customers who have Dementia and their carers.

Dr Whitford had approached the supermarket with the suggestion following her work with the Dementia Friendly teams.

A tailored ‘Relaxed Lane’, manned by staff who have been given specialist dementia friendly training, will provide a slower paced and more supportive environment for those who find shopping a stressful experience.

Dr Whitford said: “I am delighted that Russell Houston and his team at Tesco have agreed to implement a ‘Relaxed Lane’ at their check-out to help those who find the supermarket environment daunting and feel under pressure at busy check-outs.

“I have no doubt the new lane in Tesco will be a big hit with customers and I hope it will encourage other businesses to consider what changes they could make to accommodate customers who need a little more time and consideration. With an ageing population, it also makes business sense.”