Irvine could be set to have its own Men’s Shed in the coming months.

Men’s Sheds are community spaces where men can get together and participate in various activities.

An open evening has been arranged at Puffers Café to set up a Harbourside Men’s Shed – for men who have time on their hands and want to lead active lives with like minded individuals.

Jamie Menzies said: “It’s basically a space for men to get together and do activities you would find in a garden shed, anything from engineering to creative writing and everything inbetween. The whole idea of the project is to combat social isolation and promote good mental health in older men.

“The Shed project started in Australia about five years ago, it’s moved over to Scotland and popping up everywhere.

“We’re having an open meeting at Puffer’s Café for anyone who is interested in the project who wants to be involved. We’re just getting everyone together to have a chat and share idea’s.”

“There isn’t currently a ‘shed’ in place for them to meet up, but we’re hoping to get together a group to help push the mens shed forward and take the lead on it themselves.

The open meeting will be held on Thursday, September 27 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

There will be free sandwiches, cake, and hot drinks

For more information contact Jamie on 01294 278283