AN AYRSHIRE country star feels disappointed after a donation he made for Irvine Beat FM to get new equipment went straight into someone’s salary.

Sydney Devine gave Irvine Beat FM £2,000 earlier in the year after performing a charity concert for the station.

However after the cheque went into the station account the bulk of the money was then used for the charity’s sole staff member’s wage.

Sydney Devine told the Times he was disappointed to learn this. However Irvine Beat FM said any money received must be used to pay its ‘outgoing commitments’ on a ‘priority basis’.

Sydney said: “I’m quite disappointed, I did the show for them to raise funds to buy some equipment, I added that extra show on the end of my tour.

“I sent them a cheque for £2,000, which I thought was good and would go a long way in terms of new equipment that’s what I did the show for, but I’m quite disappointed to learn it was only paid for someone’s wages. I know the presenters don’t take any money, they’re volunteers.”

As reported last week IBFM descended into open civil war after presenters Laura Macpherson, Jim Higgins, Robert Jones, Tommy Monaghan and Neil Macpherson were dismissed from their posts – prompting four other volunteers to resign.

Sydney added: “I think it’s quite tragic what has happened, it beggars belief really, but I’m just an outsider trying to do the station a good turn. I don’t understand how they would move five presenters at the one time who are all working for nothing if there is no malice behind it.

“I’m all in favour of local radio, it’s a fantastic station for the Irvine area – hence why I did the show in the first place to raise some funds for new equipment. It’s quite disappointing that that’s happened but you live and learn don’t you.”

A statement from Irvine Beat FM said: “When the concert was being discussed prior to the date being confirmed Jim Higgins who was the liaison between the radio station and Sydney Devine stated that he wished the donation received from Sydney to be used for the purchase of equipment.

“He was informed by our Financial Director that this was not possible as donations received by the station went into general funds and were used to pay the stations outgoing commitments and equipment on a priority basis. Jim accepted this.”

However Jim told the Times he resigned from the station’s board after being told this – before later being removed as a presenter.

He said: “Sydney Devine did the concert with the intention that it was to buy new equipment then the money went into the wages account. I know legally that’s right, but it’s a bit sickening and disgusting.

“Sydney stated that was what he wanted the money used for, they should have respected his wishes as the person doing the show.”