BRAZEN burglars have targeted the home of Kilwinning Rangers twice in three days causing thousands of pounds-worth of damage.

Thieves broke in to Abbey Park’s hospitality room last week stealing hundreds of pounds worth of booze and wrecked the door with a crowbar as they forced their way inside.

Just days later the yobs were back, this time targetting the containers which holds all the club’s equipment.

Fortunately they didn’t manage to get into the containers, but managed to smash and damage the padlocks which were keeping them out.

Buffs chairman Colin Boyd said he believes the burglars are local.

He told the Times: “They are definitely from Kilwinning. They know exactly where our CCTV is and they know how to avoid it.

“They knew where the alcohol was kept and they know there is stuff inside those containers so if you ask me, it is definitely someone from the town, and worse, possibly someone who is familiar with the club.”

The double break-in is the latest attack on Abbey Park following six previous smash and grab style raids this year.

Colin says the “sickening” attacks are killing the Kilwinning club.

He said: “It’s pretty sickening to have this keep happening. We are only a small club so we can’t afford for this to keep happening, it’s killing us

“We have stepped up our security measures but they smashed through padlocks and roller shutter and used crowbars to force entry.

“As the old saying goes, if they want in, they will get in.

“They have stolen more than £200 worth of alcohol and we will need to replace the door they’ve wrecked so that will be £800, plus the padlocks and all the rest of it.

“Over the course of the year it’s thousands of pounds.”

Buffs bosses are now asking the Kilwinning community to be vigilant and immediately report any suspicious activity at the ground.

Please call Police Scotland on 101 if you see or hear anything or have any information.