AN ANGRY resident says drivers are using the road outside his home as a car park and ruining Irvine’s “quaintest street”.

Ross McIntyre says selfish motorists are dumping their cars in Glasgow Vennel sometimes blocking access to residents’ homes.

Recently, the Times reported how Glasgow Vennel had been named in a list of Britain’s Quaintest Streets, but Mr McIntyre says bad parking is ruining the cobbled street.

Mr McIntyre says he has reported the issues to North Ayrshire Council and police but they have failed to act. He said at times parking was so bad he has had to slide over a car bonnet just to leave his property.

He said: “Although it is nice to hear that the Vennel has had recognition for being ‘quaint’, I reported to North Ayrshire Council, through that cars are illegally parked there almost everyday, to which I have never had a reply.

“Blue Badge holders are welcome to ‘park’ in the Vennel, but during the opening of restaurants you will see cars parked like they stole them, scattered around this ‘quaint’ street.

Most, if any, do not have a badge displayed. “What really annoys me is that some of my older neighbours have to park a couple of streets away, whilst there are sometimes cars parked outside their houses by able bodied people.

“I once had someone block my front door, albeit they soon moved their car when I slid along their bonnet like an extra from TJ Hooker.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council, said: “Glasgow Vennel is a Pedestrian Zone and visible signs are positioned at each end of the street which clearly state that vehicles are restricted from entering – with the exception of disabled drivers and temporary loading vans.

“Therefore, any other vehicles entering or parking on this street are doing so illegally.

“Driving offences and parking violations are a matter for Police Scotland and we would advise anyone wishing to make a complaint about the matter to contact them.