AN IRVINE resident has urged an MP to “stand up for the people of Irvine” and act after an access slip in the Harbouside was closed to the public.

Kevin Grents has written to Philippa Whitford MP to demand she “do the correct thing” and take ac tion against the private security company, NPL Estates, who locked up the slipway following resident complaints about jet skis.

Kevin, who is a keen kayaker, first contacted Dr Whitford last week after discovering the slip was no longer open to the public.

He told her of his safety concerns if the slip is locked up and emergency vehicles can’t access anyone who gets into trouble in the water.

Since then Dr Whitford has responded, citing the nuisance caused by jetskiers as the reason for the closure of the slip and assuring him that keys are available from the Irvine Watersports Club should he want to use it.

She wrote: “The representatives from the company advises that they have received many objections from residents in the area to jet skiers accessing the water using the slipway. They are, however willing to come to a compromise to allow access through a side gate.”

However Kevin says he “absolutely does not accept” this ‘resolution’ and says Dr Whitford has a responsibility to the 35,000 people living in Irvine.

Writing to Dr Whitford, he said: “I absolutely do not accept the outcome you have detailed. With regard to people on jetskis... antisocial behaviour should be reported to police when it occurs and those responsible dealt with appropriately. What is not appropriate is that 35,000 residents are locked out of access to their harbour.

“I would ask you to reconsider your response to this issue, do the correct thing and stand up for the people of Irvine and not sweep this aside.

“I personally will not give up on this as I feel that should our safety be compromised and our children’s access to the healthy activity this access to the river provides be compromised then it is an absolute travesty for the people of Irvine.”