AN IRVINE dog owner has blasted an out of hours vet after they refused to give her pregnant dog an emergency Caesarean until she paid them £900 up front.

Lynsey McCready took her five-year-old dog Roxy to Kilmarnock Vets Now last week after the pregnant pooch became distressed whist delivering her puppies.

When she arrived Lynsey was told the consultation fee was £200, which she paid upfront. She was then told the Patterdale Terrier, who was now bleeding and yelping in pain, would need an emergency c-section as one of the pups had become stuck.

Lynsey, of Frew Terrace in Irvine, was told the surgery would cost £1,800 which she agreed to, but was stunned to be told the operation would not go ahead until she had paid £900 up front - followed by the other £900 immediately after the surgery.

As Lynsey only had £500 in cash with her, she had totake the suffering dog away and come back when she had the money.

She said: “I couldn’t believe it. I offered to give them the £500 so they could start the operation. I just wanted Roxy out of pain, but they refused. She was yelping in pain and bleeding all over the floor and they still wouldn’t do anything for her. So I had to leave, with Roxy and go home and try and get the money together.

“Roxy was in distress from 9pm and but the time I got the money together it was after 2.30am before they started operating on her. I’m sorry but to me they are not fulfilling their duty of care. My poor dog was in agony for hours which could have been avoided if they had just operated on while while I got the money. They obviously think money is more important that an animal’s welfare.”

Richard White, Vets Now, District Vet for Kilmarnock said:“We are very sorry to hear that Ms McCready was unhappy with the care offered to Roxy at Vets Now Kilmarnock. We would not normally discuss client cases in the public domain and we have not heard from Ms McCready directly since the arrival of Roxy’s puppies early in October. We would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss any concerns directly with her.

“Vets Now Kilmarnock successfully treated Roxy for a caesarean section further to discussing the various options directly with our client. Those discussions included both the clinical options and costs of undertaking an out-of-hours emergency caesarean, and how these might be managed.

Ms McCready initially chose to return home with Roxy to consider the options, contrary to the advice of our clinical team. Ms McCready returned to us a short time later to progress with the emergency operation, which led to the successful delivery of Roxy’s puppies.”