RESIDENTS living in an Irvine housing estate say their houses were left ‘polluted’ with some ‘struggling to breathe’ after a fire on a nearby golf course.

People living in Tarryholme say their homes were left “stinking” after the dark plume of smoke hung over the estate last week.

Residents complained to council chiefs and environmental health about the smell who immediately investigated.

One resident told the Times the pollution was so bad it was affecting her health and giving her headaches.

She said: “It was extremely bad air pollution in the Tarryholme Estate.

Some of the neighbours have contacted North Ayrshire Council Environmental Health to make sure they come and check the air quality.

"I have a heart condition and when I go out in this to walk my dog I immediately get a sore head, feel sick and all my clothes are stinking of smoke. I can’t even open any windows in my house.”

After officers from Environmental health investigated it was discovered that the smoke was coming from the Glasgow Gailes Golf Course where the groundskeeper had been burning gorse bushes.

A spokesman fr the Glasgow Gailes confirmed that as soon as they were notified of the smoke affecting residents the fire was extinguished.

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson added: “We received a complaint from a resident on Tuesday and, following an investigation, discovered that the excessive smoke and smell was coming from the burning of gorse bushes at a nearby golf course.

“The issue has now been resolved.”