IRVINE Beat FM has announced seven new presenters – after several were removed in a single evening last month.

Alan Saunders, Brian Hope, Barry Reilly, Karyn Mac, Chris Colford, Georgina Davies and Ben Gilmour have joined Irvine Beat FM, with the station saying they will ‘focus on the future’ after the furore.

Programme Controller Jack Bennie, said: ‘Following some unpleasantness surrounding the departure of previous presenters, I’m delighted with the new members of our team.

“We look forward to continuing to provide a first class radio service for Irvine and surrounding areas.”

As we previously reported, former volunteers raised concerns over perceived bullying and the station’s management, which its programme director described as ‘wholly unfounded and highly inappropriate allegations’.

He added: “While our legal team recommended we take formal action in respect of certain petty and spiteful remarks directed against us, we’ve decided instead to focus on the future of the station at this time.”