The main building of Irvine's former Red Cross House is to be renamed Trindlemoss Court when it’s reopened next year.

The other part of the site, to be used by people recovering from mental ill heath, will be known simply as Warrix Ave.

Building and renovating work on both parts is well underway, and is due to be complete by late spring next year.

A North Ayrshire Health & Social Care spokesperson said: “The name ‘Trindlemoss’ was chosen by people with learning disabilities who will use the extensive facilities, including sensory garden and hydrotherapy pool.

"A focus group of people who use existing facilities found that Trindlemoss was the name of the loch that drained into a well, located near the site, which was said to have health giving properties.

“The freshness of the name and the idea of it being the original water source, appealed greatly to the group, in the context of the new facility representing a fresh new start.”