A paedophile has been jailed for the second time this year after deleting his internet history from his mobile phone.

Just months after Jamie Evans was locked up for making seedy calls to a TV porn channel and deleting his browser history, the sick sex beast has been caught doing the same thing again.

Vile Evans was first locked up in 2007 after raping a six-year-old girl he snatched from a swing in Stevenston.

Evans, who was 15 at the time, snatched the child from a swing, dragged her over a fence and into woods where he assaulted her.

He admitted he had been spying on her for three weeks before the shocking rape.

At the time he received an 11-year extended sentence at the High Courtin Edinburgh, but was released early in November 2017.

Just days after his release Evans – who was formerly known as Jamie France – was caught phoning and texting Babestation from his flat in Irvine, just one day after being entrusted with a mobile phone.

However he was caught having deleted the porn number from the phone’s call history and in sentenced to six months imprisonment (backdated to November 2017) in May this year, following a trial.

This week Kilmarnock Sheriff Court was told in the lead up to his sentencing Evans was bailed to an address in St Brennans Court, Kilbirnie on March 27.

As part of his bail conditions Evans was not allowed to delete any material whatsoever from the phone.

But by March 28 – just one day after being set free on bail – the child rapist had again begun deleting data from his mobile phone.

He also got himself an Xbox which had access to the internet and was capable of private messaging people.

He returned to court last week and was sentenced to 18 imprisonment for the latest breach, between March 28 and April 20 this year.