A DRUNK youngster had to be rescued by emergency services after their group ran off and left them alone in a wooded area.

Police were responding to anti-social behaviour and disorder calls involving young people under the influence of alcohol in the town centre and Woodlands Park areas on Saturday, October 27.

Significant quantities of alcohol were seized by officers and four young people were returned into the care of their parents due to their intoxication while a 14-year-old was arrested for alleged threatening and abusive behaviour.

Police also had to assist of the Scottish Ambulance Service to ensure the safety of one young person found intoxicated in a secluded area of trees after others in the group had ran off.

Sergeant Jason Peter, of the Irvine Locality Policing Team, said: “Had this young man not been found by officers and assessed by the Ambulance Service the consequences could have been devastating.

“This weekend we have seen children as young as 12 and from across Ayrshire coming to Irvine to engage in underage drinking and antisocial behaviour.

“It is concerning that young people have ready access to significant quantities of alcohol and this is an issue we are working with our partners and the licensed trade to tackle. “Underage drinkers are far more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol due to their height, weight and the facttheir bodies haven’t yet fully developed. “They are more likely to take risks, become involved in criminality and to be the victim of crime when under the influence.”

Anyone with concerns about crime in their area should contact their local policing team by calling 101. In an emergency always dial 999. Anyone with information about those involved in crime should contact the independent charity CrimeStoppers by calling 0800 555 111 where anonymity can be maintained.