REALITY TV star Jack Fowler will NOT be appearing in Irvine for the town’s Christmas Lights switch-on this year, the Times can exclusively reveal.

Irvine Special Events Forum announced in October that the Love Island contestant who would be attending the big Irvine Switch On ceremony, on Sunday, December 2.

But with just over two weeks to go to the big event, The Times has learned that Jack will not be coming to Irvine, despite reports from other news sources.

A spokeswoman for Jack Fowler’s management, Webbe Industries, said he pulled out THREE weeks ago - but organisers had no idea until this week.

She said: “Unfortunately Jack will not be coming to Irvine. He was booked a while back, but we were waiting on confirmation for some filming. We had to pull out about 3 weeks back.”

However, Sylvia Mallinson from Irvine Special Events Forum, who first broke the news of their big celebrity coup via a Facebook video, today said she still believed either Jack or Eyal Booker from Love Island would be coming.

She said: “The same thing happened when we booked Arg (from Towie), something happened and he couldn’t make it so his management sent Mark Wright instead.

“We have a contract with them and the only thing that can break that is if they are filming somewhere. But if Jack can’t make it then Eyal from Love Island is coming instead. We only just found this out this week that Jack can't come.”

A spokesman for Eyal Booker’s management White Label MGMT refused to confirm on the record whether Mr Booker would be appearing in Irvine.

Jack's no show is the latest no show reality television star to be "booked" to appear at Irvine's festive lights.

In 2014 Towie star Arg was booked but failed to turn up, instead sending pal Mark Wright and last time James Lockey was booked to appear but cancelled due to 'bad weather'.