A number of North Ayrshire’s community centres could soon close, it was claimed last week.

North Ayrshire may be set to offload the centres via community asset transfers – with one keyholder and community councillor warning that a number would struggle to take over the costs of ownership.

The Times was told a proposal regarding community centres was supposed to be discussed by North Ayrshire's Cabinet in 2018, but has now been pushed into next year.

North Ayrshire Council confirmed a working group has been exploring various options for community centres, with the findings expected to be considered in January.

Kilwinning Community councillor Andy Robb said last week he feared for the future of community centres, warning they could ‘all be about to close just shortly’.

He said: “If you go roundabout the table with all the community centres and ask them if a community asset transfer was handed to you would you operate it, the answer’s no.

“An asset transfer doesn’t mean they’re getting a certain amount of money and they get on with it, so places would close.

“I’m not saying it’s their intention to close them, but if it comes to asset transfers that’s what’s coming ahead.

He added: “If a community centre closes that has a domino effect on a lot of other things.”

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “A short-life working group, which included community representatives, has explored various options for community centres. The findings are expected to be considered in January.

“Community organisations and that will be at the heart of any decision moving forward.”