A GROUP of Fit Ayrshire Dads have now taken to Hot Yoga in their bid to helps men’s mental health.

The group, which encourages and supports men to get fit and improve their mental health, has now set up regular weekly classes in Ayrshire’s first Hot Yoga studio which opened in Irvine earlier in the year.

Asked the difference between hot yoga and the traditional practise, FAD member John Bell explained: “Basically a 45 degree heat”.

He said: “When you walk into the unit, it’s like a self-contained unit and its got heaters running right along the ceiling. The lassie Stephanie that runs it is in a different class from us – we’re not all the bendiest of folk. I’ve been going for about seven weeks now and can see the improvement.

“One of the FADs asked the group if any of the guys would want to go to yoga and as you can imagine the comments were all like ‘no chance’, then eventually 22 of us went along to do it for a laugh and now we’re there pre-booking it every week. It’s literally a sell out every week.

“I don’t think you really get used to the heat to be honest, the first couple of times I did feel dizzy – she warns you about that. You need to take your time and breath through your nose and at the end don’t step up too quickly and run out.

“I’m not as dizzy as I used to be but 45 degrees is 45 degrees. “

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