The Portal leisure centre has been hit with a class crisis after it was revealed that a whopping 650 people PER WEEK failed to turn up to keep-fit sessions – despite pre-booking them.

The shocking figures, revealed exclusively to the Irvine Times, show that members are selling out fitness classes by pre-booking but then not turning up – meaning hundreds of other people are missing out.

Disgruntled members – who pay £350 per year or £34 per month for individual membership – say KA Leisure’s booking system means anyone can pre-book classes but there is no penalty for non-cancellation.

Members say staff at the £20million facility simply advise people to come down and hope for a “no-show” space.

But one member, who asked not to be named, says while Portal staff are trying to be helpful, the system is flawed.

She said: “People are repeat booking just in case they can go, then failing to cancel which means others can’t use the space or have to go and wait in reception on the off-chance there are no shows. It leaves everyone in limbo.”

Bosses say they have been trying to combat the issue by highlighting it to members and have seen a reduction in recent weeks of 41 percent in the number of pre-booked no-shows to their 110 studio classes every week.

However that still leaves 364 people last week who booked a class and didn’t show up.

The member said: “If people cancel ahead of time the Portal staff are good at calling and giving waitlisted members a space.

“It was extremely bad when it first opened and I thought it had calmed down, but I was shocked when I saw how many appointments were no shows. It’s just bad behaviour from other members.”

KA Leisure said: “We have been profiling the number of times individuals do not turn up for classes without cancelling, as well as reiterating the requirement to cancel if individuals are unable to attend. This has resulted in a reduction of 41 per cent of class not attending without cancelling.”