A viral video of motorcyclists helping a lady cross the street in Irvine was staged, the Times can reveal.

The clip, which shows a biker stopping to help an elderly lady over a pedestrian crossing after others had failed to stop for her, was widely shown on national media.

However the whole incident was staged - as part of filming for a festive music video by a local priest and minister - but also filmed by a resident from their window.

The clip, uploaded to Facebook and since shared more than 21,000 times with 1.3million views, shows a helpful biker stop at the crossing, before getting off and offering their arm to the lady to help her across the road.

But Reverend Neil Urquhart, of Irvine's Fullarton Church, confirmed the scene was in fact staged for short film 'Kindness Rocks', the latest festive video by The Shoes Brothers.

Neil told the Times: "Yes, it's quite amusing. I suppose it is a video taken from a woman in the high flats who was struck by what was happening, and I suppose it's a sign that folk do like to see people doing good, even though in this instance it's a set up. It's promoting kindness.

"As far as our film's concerned, on Monday we've got our launch and it will be available on social media. Hopefully that will go some way in promoting kindness."