IMAGINATIVE clergymen the Rev Neil Urquhart and Father Willie Boyd took on the guises of Queen legends the late Freddie Mercury and Brian May to promote the song for their festive video.

Neil, of Fullarton Parish Church and Father Willie, Priest of St Mary's Church and St Ogilvie's Church, alias the Shoes Brothers, unveiled their new video Kindness Rocks in front of around 100 people in Fullarton Connexions.

The dynamic duo celehrated a decade of projects with a scene from this year's video going global with more than 50 million views after being filmed from a window at the high flats.

Father Willie said: "Our 10 years of events have gone in the blink of an eye, it feels like nothing. The important thing is that we have been building bridges, bringing people together, honouring our differences and treating us with respect. The good thing is that people have been approaching us asking when we are doing our next video. They appreciate the

"Neil does a huge amount for this and what he does is exceptional. You need a different way of spreading the gospel, In the olden days people would come to us but not so many are coming so we need to get out to them. Spreading the gospel is what people have always been doing, we have to do it in a more modern way."

Added Neil: "With the help of Alan Campbell and Stuart Forsyth we helped produce the video. We're quite excited by this project and Father Willie is a better dancer now than he was at first. There was Queen influence in there, absolutely."

Indeed the video has the rousing chorus, We Will Shock You in the style of the seventies and eighties legends.

Revealing how this year's offering came about Neil added: "In June I heard about the Kindness network in North Ayrshire and the UK and we tapped into what they were doing as it ties into our message. For the chorus I tapped out the We Will Rock You beat."

The duo were helped in the video by members of the Full Armour Motorcycle Ministry, based in Kilmarnock.

Gordon Smith, who represents the group and helped a pensioner across the roads in the key scene which went viral said: "My role came about accidentally, we were at a fayre the day before, I came across from Motherwell and up to the last second another guy, John Hill was supposed to be lead bike but his bike didn't start so I stood in. This video gets the message across,"