A legendary dancing robot made his big comeback in Irvine last week, raising money for an Ayrshire children’s charity in the process.

Back by popular demand, much-missed Robert the Robot made his return to Irvine’s Bridgegate on Wednesday, December 19 to please his old fans.

And the dancing robot, who was once headbutted by Rab C Nesbitt in an episode of the cult comedy, raised £173 for Cash for Kids.

Robert the Robot told the Times: “It was brilliant, just brilliant. It was terrific seeing the people, a lot of people who were coming up to me I recognised – they look no different. It was quite emotional for me, seeing folk from back in the day bringing their kids.

“I just love doing it, the atmosphere is something else. I was so happy with the response, and people were very generous and saying it’s good to see you back. It was a proper trip to the past, there was faces I never thought I would see again and vice versa.

“It was a great day I don’t think it could of went any better. With the tunes going it brought back so many memories – the music was always a good sign for anyone that didn’t like me because they knew to go through The Forum.

“I’d been doing it in Glasgow since 1983 before I moved to Irvine in the nineties, so when I found I could do it just outside the mall I thought I’d start there.”

“Busking can be hard thing to do, you’re hoping people are going to think you’re good enough to give you their change.

“When I first started way back in 1983 I got about £12, and in 1983 that was a lot of money, so that got me hooked."

For more information on the Robert the Robot visit www.roberttherobot. co.uk.

The Robert the Robot Anthem is also available to download via iTunes.