A community councillor has claimed to have spotted ‘doggers’ at a notorious Irvine beauty spot.

Vice chair Tristan Lindsay revealed at a meeting that he saw sexual activity taking place on Irvine beach.

The Times reported in 2008 the popular walking route had also been listed online as a meet up point for illicit sexual encounters.

Community councillor and keen rambler Tristan Lindsay described a “sinister” incident in the Gailes area just after 3pm on Tuesday, December 11 when walking towards Troon.

He said: “Round about the boundary between Gailes and the wilderness I could see a person moving about the sand dunes, and poking their head up and down.

“I walked past and the guy started moaning, so I turned round.

“I don’t know exactly what was going on, I never investigated any further.”

Chair David Bell interjected saying the area was regularly patrolled by Wildlife Trust rangers who report similar incidents to police.

He added: “I know a few of the rangers, it’s quite notorious down there.”

Mr Lindsay questioned: “What’s it notorious for? Because I’m down there a lot.”

Community councillor Jackie Frew added: “All round about [the area] there’s been all sorts of incidents going on. People going to meet people that they might not have met before, just in case they might have a liaison they don’t want anyone to know about, that nobody else wants to see.”

A spokesperson for the Scottish Wildlife Trust said: “Our wildlife reserves are tranquil places where people can connect with and enjoy nature.

“We strongly discourage any behaviour that causes offence or endangers the safety of other visitors.

“Anyone affected by antisocial or offensive behaviour should contact the police.”

During a 2008 Times investigation, our reporter went down to the beach and bumped into 12 men in the area who all arrived on their own.

One man said he was new to the area and came to walk his dog – despite not having one – while an older man claimed he had dropped his keys.

Irvine Community Council’s then-chair June Niven said at the time: “It is ridiculous that ordinary, decent law-abiding citizens are having to avoid walking at the beach park for fear of what they, their children or their grandchildren might see down there.”