A drug addict has admitted stealing a mobile phone and bank cards from a Good Samaritan who offered him a lift.

Gary Docherty was wandering the streets in Kilwinning in the early hours of the morning when a woman took pity on him and gave him a lift to Irvine.

But Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard that minutes after dropping Docherty, 33, off in Bank Street on November 16, the woman noticed her iPhone and bank cards were missing.

Fiscal Kitie McCall told the court: "At 1.30pm a 58-year-old woman was driving her vehicle through Kilwinning when she observed the accused walking in the street.

"She took pity on the accused and gave him a lift into Irvine, dropping him off in Bank Street. After she dropped the accused off she noticed that her iPhone and bank cards which were kept in the pocket of her phone case were all gone. She immediately attended Irvine police office and reported the matter."

The court heard that Docherty then went into McDonald's in the Riverway Retail Park and tried to sell the phone to diners, acosted a woman at a cashpoint and demanded money then assaulted a taxi driver who came to her aid.

Ms McColl said: "At 2.30am witnesses working in McDonald's in Irvine watched him enter and try to sell the iPhone to various people there. They noticed the accused had removed the bank cards and was playing with them.

"When challenged he stated he was selling the phone on behalf of his aunt. The accused left still in possession of the phone and bank cards.

"At 3am a witness was using the cash point at Asda and she was approached by the accused and asked for money. The witness refused to give him money and she entered the taxi.

"The accused then made efforts to enter the taxi as well before the taxi driver exited the taxi and challenged the accused asking him to go away. The accused then pushed her back using both hands pushing her on the body causing her to stumble backwards."

Docherty, of Thrush Craigs in Paisley, was traced at McDonald's at around 4am where he was arrested.

His lawyer Mr Manson told the court: "He has a horrendous drug problem for several years. He started life in a difficult situation when he saw his father murdered and he turned to drugs."

The case was adjourned for reports untyil January 7.