A disabled man had to be rescued when his wheelchair got wedged in grass – after the pathways of Knadgerhill Cemetery were recently turfed over.

Outraged residents questioned why money was spent turfing over the area after the man, who was unable to communicate verbally, had to wave for help when his wheelchair got stuck.

Christine Jeffries, who came to the man’s assistance on Sunday, December 23, said: “If I hadn’t seen him waving from the distance God knows how long he would have been stuck.”

North Ayrshire Council said they will investigate the matter when the relevant people are back from holiday.

Christine said: “We went to my mother’s grave and had noticed that they had turfed the area and wondered ‘when did this happen’, we had boots with heels and we were sinking in it.

“My sister said I think that man over there is waving to you, but it looked like he needed help. The poor guy had sunk about four inches into it. It was a big electric wheelchair and it was starting to get dark.

“We had to see if we could find somebody to help. It was quite empty, but my sister managed to come back with this guy and two girls. Between us we managed to tilt him back and get him out this ditch that was created.

“If no one had seen that guy when he couldn’t shout for help that could have been drastic.”

Seventy six-year-old resident Bill Strannigan, who regularly visits his wife’s grave in Knadgerhill, said: “The work was done just prior to Christmas and very poorly done in my opinion. It looks as if the turf has just been laid on top of the path, a pretty rubbish job.”

Christine added: “Why they have done that is just beyond belief, it really is.”

A spokesperson for North Ayrshire Council said: “We will investigate the circumstances related to this matter when our offices reopen in the New Year.”