A Stewarton pupil landed a part in a prime time BBC drama broadcast on Boxing day.

Stewarton Academy pupil Jordan Cramond’s mum spoke of the family’s delight after seeing him star in The Midnight Gang, written by and starring David Walliams.

The 14-year-old UK Theatre School youngster, who previously starred as Mini Jack from Still Game in a project with the school, joined famous faces including Walliams and Alan Davies in the heartwarming Christmas tale.

Mum Elaine said: “It was amazing, we were absolutely delighted for him. I was down with him for a month while he was filming but it was lovely to see it all when it was finished. It was a good film.”

The festive drama tells the story of Tom, who finds himself stuck in a kid’s hospital ward – but he soon meets The Midnight Gang, a secret gang of kids who go on midnight adventures in the hospital.

Jordan plays George, who is stuck in hospital after having his tonsils removed, and who wants to fly like a superhero.

Elaine added: “He’s basically been doing drama since he was about four. He started in a local group and still doing it 10 years later.

“He later went to UK Theatre School in Glasgow and he’s been there now for eight years. He’s worked his socks off to get where he is and still training with the Theatre school twice a week.

“Stewarton Academy have been so supportive of us. He was away for a whole month filming The Midnight Gang so we had a tutor on set." 

You can find The Midnight Gang on BBC iPlayer.