Coastwatch needs YOU! That’s the message from the seaside volunteer force.

Coastwatch Irvine have launched a massive recruitment drive and are looking to fill vacancies.

Anyone aged from 16 upwards can apply.

Volunteers would need to commit to 10 hours a month minimum - less than three hours a week.

Billy Lamb, from Irvine’s Coastwatch says new recruits can come from any walk of life and would just need good observational skills and a willingness to learn some new skills.

He said: “Powers of observation are primary to becoming a Coastwatcher. We do not enter water.

“Our role is in a nice dry, warm Operations room with plenty of tea and coffee on tap.

“We do however need to train recruits on very basic navigation charts and maps, but there’s no need to become a yacht master.

“There would also be basic First Aid training.

“We do have small boats, it’s the volunteer’s choice if you wish to learn boat skills.

“We are keen to recruit from all ages and from all walks of life. We have students, homemakers, retired, engineers, unemployed, disabled, shift workers, security guards, social workers, shop assistants, fast food assistants, managers, long distance lorry drivers and much more.

“Not all our volunteers are local, some are from a distance away for example Saltcoats, Stevenson, Beith, Prestwick and Ayr. No matter what your background is, Coastwatch have a place for you to be part of a very successful team that assists the community and visitors to Irvine.

“The training is not difficult, you mostly learn on the job and at your own pace.

“If you are interested, we ask you to come along to our office in the Beach Pavilion and see our set-up, speak to volunteers and maybe it’s the interest for you.”

Coastwatch will be hosting an open day in the next few weeks where potential volunteers can see their equipment and Operations Centre and proposals for the future of Coastwatch Irvine.