A man who smashed his BMW in to a tree whilst high on cocaine has been banned from the roads.

Daniel Allan careered off the A78 between the Warrix Interchange and Eglinton Interchange in Irvine during a late night drive and crashed in to a tree after a cocaine binge.

The 28-year-old from Stewart Road in Ayr was spotted by police officers sitting in the front seat of his crashed car in the early hours of March 13, last year.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard last week that officers spoke to him at the scene and noticed he was slurring his words and he “appeared drowsy.”

Fiscal Vicky McMillan told the court: “At around 1.20am officers received a call of a report of an accident on the A78.

“They attended and observed a BMW appeared to have struck a tree after leaving the roadway.

“The accused was observed in the driver’s side holding the keys to the car.

“He had no visible injuries, but on speaking to him police noticed his speech was slurred and he appeared drowsy. “A breath test was taken and he was taken to the police office.

“A blood sample was taken and found to contain cocaine and a sedative drug.”

Defending the dad-of-one, Peter Murray said his client had a problem with recreational drug use but had seen the error of his ways.

He told the court: “He’s 28-years-old and resides with his five-year-old daughter. He was in full time employment as a carer but is currently suspended and anticipates he will be dismissed because of his conduct.

“There is no excuses at all for him being behind the wheel of that car.

“He had an issue with recreational drugs and cocaine in particular.

“He accepts he made a rash decision at that time and accepts the repercussions and that the court will take a grim view of his conduct.

“It’s a wake up call for him. “He has taken steps to deal with the issues and is no longer abusing drugs in any form.”

Sheriff Alistair Watson fined Allan £450 and disqualified him from driving for 16 months.