Pub bosses have been warned by police over the amount of cocaine getting snorted in Kilwinning.

Random checks were carried in pubs within Kilwinning town centre over the past month.

Flat surfaces were tested with cocaine detection wipes by officers with numerous indications of the Class A drug being detected.

Kilwinning Locality Police say licence holders were made aware and told any drug use should be reported to officers.

At Kilwinning Community Council’s January meeting last week, Sgt Ben Brizell said: “Unfortunately quite a few indications of cocaine use have been found.

“That has been flagged up to all the licence-holders for the affected premises and it’s been documented with our licence department and also shared with the council.

“We’re going to be following up with further checks and enforcement, but we’re also trying to make people aware that if there’s signs of drug use in the toilets, report it to the licence-holders, report it to the police, so we can take some action around that.”