An Irvine man who assaulted and spat on his own mother during a row over money is awaiting sentenced.

Lee Campbell exploded in a fit of rage when his 64-year-old mother refused to give him £160 from his wages.

Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard the 24-year-old’s wages were paid into his mother’s bank account and she refused to give him cash because she already had given him £200 the previous day.

During the explosive row Campbell shouted and swore at his mother and threw a mobile phone so hard against the wall it caused a hole.

Fiscal Ms McCall told the court Campbell launched into a verbal attack on his mother at their home on Cheviot Head on December 2 last year.

She said: “At 9am his mother had returned home from walking her dog and he demanded £160 as his wages were paid into her bank account.

“The accused’s mother informed him she had given him £200 the previous day and he was not due anymore of his wages and this annoyed the accused.

“He began shouting at his mother and thereafter spat in her face.

“The complainer tried to calm the situation down and went to her bedroom, but he followed her and grabbed her mobile phone and threw it against the wall causing a hole in the wall. The complainer called the police.”

Campbell then told his mother he “wanted her to die”, before calling her an “evil fat cow” and stating: “I f*****g hate you”.

“The accused continued to shout and swear whilst collecting his belongings and left the locus.

“When police arrived he was arrested and taken to Saltcoats Police Office.

“When asked if he spat in his mother’s face he stated “maybe it was when I was shouting”. His reply to charge one was “I did not spit in her face.”

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court, Campbell pled guilty to assault and behaving in a threatening and abusive manner. He was bailed and his case was adjourned for social work reports until February 19.