Fans of Irvine's Vaping with Vic have rallied together to raise enough money to get the Youtube channel back in action.

When news hit the vaping community that Victor Mullin's studio had been targeted, other e-cigarette enthusiasts spread the word and in just 24 hours, £4,000 was raised.

Vic said: "The response has been huge, and the money raised is now enough to basically hit the big reset button on the office and the channel come Monday the 21st.

"There is enough cash available to replace the cameras, the lenses, the gimbals, the mics, the stand and the PC (with an upgrade to said PC) plus there will be enough left to buy a camera Wi-Fi security system to cover both of the offices (I take over the office next door soon) and enough to start up the insurance premium for all the new equipment.

"If it wasn't for you folks out there donating, none of this would have been possible, and the channel would have been forced to go on a hiatus until the funds was recieved to replace everything."