An Irvine singer stunned millions when he performed on a prime-time TV talent show on Saturday night.

Craig Forsyth, who grew up in Castlepark, wowed judges on The Voice with a beautiful rendition of The Impossible Dream in his blind audition, in which at least one has to buzz to make it to the next stage.

And 28-year-old Craig, who rarely stops singing when serving as an NHS community nursing assistant, thanked his supporters and said it was a dream come true to be buzzed through.

He said: “I was absolutely ecstatic to get through. To be on Jennifer Hudson’s team is just an absolute dream come true. She’s one of my idols and I’m just really excited about the next step.

“Before the performance I was actually relatively calm and managed to compose myself pretty well. My family were actually really surprised and said I was holding it together.

“Even coming out on the stage I was fine – I was more concerned about getting to the front without falling as the stage is really slippy – but once I got to the mic I could feel the butterflies in the stomach and at that point onwards realised what I was doing.

“The battles haven’t happened yet but that’s the part I’m really excited about, finding out who I’m going to battling against and what I’m going to be singing, it’s just amazing.

“I’m looking at branching out a bit so people don’t automatically put me into the category of singing ballads, so looking to explore a bit more and see what I can come up with.

“The singing all started with my great gran, she used to have house parties and everyone would come round and take our shot at singing and just from there tried to master my craft. All my family are really musically gifted so I’ve just always been surrounded by music and encouraged to aim high and pursue my dreams.”

You can follow Craig’s progress by viewing The Voice at 8pm on STV on Saturdays.

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