Major national glory is being celebrated for the second year running by a gifted Irvine skater.

Aimee Loach, 24, a former pupil of Greenwood Academy won the British Synchro Skating Adult Championships in the National Ice Centre, Nottingham.

She was part of the victorious 15-strong Starlight Synchro team from Stirling, who successfully defended their title.

The Starlight team have members from across Scotland.

In what was a very closely contested event, which featured some 12 other teams, the girls won with a score of 23.65, just 0.6 ahead of their closest rivals.

Disciplines they were tested on included pivoting blocks, intersecting, travelling wheel and circles.

Aimee’s dad Wullie Loach is impressed by her achievements and said: “Aimee has been skating now since she was seven and she works really hard on the sport.

“She was part of a really good team and they deserve their success. I feel very proud.

“It really is a great achievement to win the British title two years running. The team were all presented with gold medals and they also got a trophy.

“Aimee is really dedicated and I drive her up to Stirling for the training sessions with the Starlight team.”

Next up for Aimee is a trip south to the Dumfries Bowl. She will be competing in the Trophy D’Ecosse at the Scottish venue from Friday, February 8 until Sunday, February 10.

Wullie added: “It’s the only International Skating Union event which is held in the UK and Aimee is looking forward to it.”

Aimee Loach was part of the Scottish team that won the British Synchro Skating Adult Championship in Nottingham.