An Irvine man who bottled a nightclubber in Aberdeen for dancing too close to him has been ordered to pay his victim £1,000.

John McElory, 35, struck the 27-year-old in city nightspot Club Tropicana at around 3am on September 30 after becoming “perturbed” at how close he was dancing to him.

McElroy, of Hepburn Way, Irvine, previously pled guilty to assault to injury and permanent disfigurement.

Sheriff Sukhwinder Gill told McElroy she was 'surprised' he wasn’t facing the High Court for the 'unprovoked attack' in which the man needed five stitches to close a three-inch cut on his forehead.

Fiscal depute Christy Ward told Aberdeen Sheriff Court: “At around 3am a witness was dancing in the Vogue area of Club Tropicana.

“At this time the accused was drinking from a glass bottle standing at a table near the dancefloor with his back turned to the witness.

“As the witness was dancing he began to get closer to the accused.

“Perturbed by this, the accused picked up the bottle by the neck and swung it backwards towards the witness, striking him to the head.

“This left a vertical cut about three inches in length in the middle of the witness’ forehead. He was conveyed to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where his injuries were assessed and he required five stitches to close the wound.

“The doctor who treated him confirmed the injury resulted in a permanent scar.”

Ms Ward added McElroy and his victim were not known to each other.

Defence agent Iain Hingston said his client was 'rightly ashamed of his behaviour', adding 'it’s entirely out of character' and that his actions were 'entirely disproportionate and utterly unnecessary'.

He added: “He has asked me to express his remorse and apologise to the gentleman concerned. He’s horrified by his behaviour. He’s somebody who is unlikely to trouble this court again.”

Sheriff Gill said: “This was an unprovoked attack on a man who was dancing. This man wasn’t known to you and, for whatever reason, you turn around and strike him on the head with a glass bottle. I’m surprised you’re not sitting in the High Court.”

She ordered McElroy to pay the man £1,000 compensation and fined £2,000.