Stagecoach have apologised to customers using the 585 service for the lack of heating on their buses during the Baltic-like weather conditions recently.

With temperatures reaching as low as minus 9C in some areas during early morning, passengers were shivering in their seats on their journey which covers Ayr, Prestwick, Irvine, The Three Towns, West Kilbride, Largs and Greenock.

The issue was branded ‘unacceptable’ by North Ayrshire Labour councillor Alex Gallagher who is going to raise the matter with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport.

Meanwhile, Conservative West of Scotland MSP Jamie Greene said ‘it beggars belief’.

Cllr. Gallagher said: “It is certainly very unusual to hear of this as buses normally have a heating system built in.

“I would say that it is unacceptable in any public transport service, and I think Stagecoach really should be encouraged to pull their socks up.”

Conservative West of Scotland MSP Jamie Greene said: “It beggars belief that in 2019 we have passengers sat on buses with no heating when it is minus 9C outside.

“Surely questions need to be asked regarding how this could possibly have been allowed to happen. The operator has obligations to meet regarding the service it provides and it is concerning that this has not occurred.”

A spokesperson for Stagecoach West Scotland said: “We have identified that some of our fleet used on the 585 service between Ayr and Greenock experienced technical issues that unfortunately resulted in a fault with the heating system.

“We apologise to any of our customers travelling during the colder weather, however we can confirm that these vehicles were repaired over the weekend and will continue to be monitored to ensure there are no further issues.”