Concerns a have been raised over a bid for a new bus lane at the Pennyburn roundabout.

The bus lane plan, which was approved by cabinet last month, will consider the feasibility of introducing a bus lane approaching the Pennyburn Roundabout on the A738 Trunk Road, with delays experienced at peak times on the route.

However residents and one Kilwinning councillor expressed safety concerns on social media when the Times reported the plan.

SNP Cllr Scott Davidson said: “Whilst I agree something needs to be done to ease traffic and improve the flow of all traffic, including buses, I have concerns regarding the current road layout and ultimately road safety.”

“The fact the bus lane in effect, would be opposite the Fire Station and the entrance to the retail park, add to that, the amount of occasions Scottish Ambulance Service Emergency vehicles use the road, I would think it reasonable and appropriate for me to call for a public consultation on the proposed bus lane and in addition to that, asking for the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service to also be fully consulted on this project.”

“My own preference should this go ahead, which will depend on a number of factors, would be for a third lane to be added which would merge directly onto the bypass. This will ease traffic for all road users. How any of this can be done whilst accommodating a bus lane and at the same time protecting the safety of cyclists, only highlights the need for an extensive public engagement consultation to take place, where all views and ideas can be recorded and taken into consideration.”

“The response I have had from Kilwinning residents via my request for views on social media, only confirms many share the same concerns as I do on this.”

Cllr Davidson added he arranged to meet council officers and transport management to get additional relevant information.