Talented youngsters from across Irvine took to the stage for this year’s Burns competition.

Pupils from various schools took part in the annual Irvine Burns Club’s Verse Speaking Contest at Wellwood Museum in Eglinton Street.

The judging panel had a difficult job trying to choose the winners from the talented bunch.

The schools taking part were Springside, Annick, Glebe, Lawthorn, Woodlands, St Mark’s and Elderbank primaries.

Two pupils were picked from each primary year to represent their respective schools.

The youngsters then went head to head with other pupils from the same year and there was a winner and a runner up picked from each group.

The winners were: P1 winner Hayley McGill from Lawthorn Primary

P1 runner-up Lexi McTaggart from Lawthorn Primary

P2 winner Joseph Marshall from Glebe Primary

P2 runner-up Orla Quigg from St Marks Primary

P3 winner Olivia Cowan from St Marks Primary

P3 runner-up Derry O’Byrne from St Marks Primary

P4 winner Kamryn Cairns from Woodlands Primary

P4 runner-up Millie Kane from St Marks Primary

P5 winner Mieka Dale from Woodlands Primary

P5 runner-up Eilidh Clark from Elderbank Primary

P6 winner Brooke Preston from Annick Primary

P6 runner-up Zach Mackie from Annick Primary

P7 winner Melissa Anderson from Annick Primary

P7 runner-up Olivia-Mae Hanvey from Glebe Primary