Hundreds of youngsters are giving the police in Irvine a headache as they organise massive meet-ups at the Rivergate Shopping Centre using social media. 

Recently the Times highlighted that call outs to the Rivergate were on the rise due to youngsters converging there and that additional patrols were being deployed.

But that hasn’t stopped hundreds of kids loitering, causing disruption and drinking. 

Steps are being taken by police to quash the gatherings but they have so far proved unsuccessful.

Teenagers from across North Ayrshire are now travelling to Irvine to congregate and arranging where and when to meet via social media sites.

Inspector David Cameron is leading the team tasked with cracking down on youth disorder at the Rivergate.

He confirmed that it wasn’t just an issue at the weekends now and revealed his officers are working with partners to do all they can to tackle the problem.

Inspector Cameron told the Irvine Times: “We are meeting with partners involved with children and the shopping centre to tackle this. 

“We had a number of reports from this week on Wednesday and then on Saturday.

“It is kids from all different areas, not just Irvine and they are arranging to meet on social media.

“It is the only town centre that is causing issues with youth disorder and because the place is undercover and has so many entries and exits that you can come and go from, it is hard to police.”

The inspector continued: “It has been ongoing for at least a month now and the numbers are so large and the area is so vast, it can be over 100 kids. 

“We are working with the Rivergate shops trying different things like asking them to turn of the WiFi
so the children can’t use that.

“We are also working with schools and social work. 

“Essentially groups are meeting, drinking and causing issues and the output is crime being committed.”

There will be extra patrols again this weekend and Inspector Cameron asked anyone who witnesses any issues to report it. 

He added: “We ask that you contact police and make sure police know about what is happening.

“Phone it in on 101 and we can work to eradicate it early.”