A Kilwinning man has gone viral after he took his search for a job to social media.

Jonathon Poole-Smith decided to bite the bullet and make a plea on Twitter to see if it could help him find employment – and he has had support and messages from around the world as a result.

Irvine Times: Jonathon's Tweet

Last Wednesday the 27-year-old, who is currently receiving Universal Credit, tweeted “I feel embarrassed for asking you all to share this, but I’m still looking for work. I’ll do anything, learn new skills, new trades. I have years of customer service/retail experience. Plenty of work experience too.

“I’m based in Ayrshire and rely on public transport.”

Since sending the tweet, he has had over 3,000 retweets and over 500,000 users of the website have seen it.

The former retail worker is hoping that it will help others as well as himself.

Jonathon explained to the Times  why he decided to ask Twitter for help, he said: “I have been using apps like Indeed and groups on Facebook but thinking that isn’t good enough so I thought I would push it and it would maybe encourage others to do so.

“The activity on the tweet is over 500,000 – it is incredible. I have had messages from North America, Europe and all across the UK.”

And it hasn’t just been well-wishers as he was offered a place on a digital and social media course and the entry to the course has been covered for him.

Recently Jonathon was working in Asda but an undiagnosed hand issue has caused him real bother and has been going round in circles trying to get answers but that isn’t stopping him.

He added: “I’m not picky, I am looking for anything. Long-term I am looking to enter politics, I am willing to learn and I am passionate.”

Do you know of an job for Jonathon? Email jpooles1991@gmail.com