A QUICK fix money making scheme is taking social media by storm in Ayrshire but it is illegal and a lot of people could lose money. 

The Pyramid Scheme, which is a play on the 'Airplane Game' asks people to invest £160 for a potential return of £1,280 but not all is as seems. 

In order to make a return, which is illegal, investors must convince others to join in and it continues on and on. 

When the system starts, eight people pay in and four of those move to the next level, in this particular scheme it is to the 'blue' level where they must convince more people to take part, then two move on to orange and finally to the red level. When enough people have paid in, the person in the red zone receives their money and it continues. 

To receive the full total of money promised when the joining the scheme 64 people have to join.

To read more about Pyramid Schemes, visit here and it will explain why you are likely to lose your money.