North Ayrshire’s Year of Young People Ambassadors buried a time capsule and planted a memorial tree at Eglinton Park on Saturday.

The time capsule, which is to remain buried for 25 years, contains items relating to Scotland’s Year of Young People in 2018, as well as the team’s hopes for the future.

Year of Young People Ambassador Emily Nix said: “For me, the year has been about celebrating young people and finding out what they want their legacy to be.

“Hopefully this can be the start of where everything changes for the better for young people, and when we come and take the capsule back up we can look and see that all the changes we wanted to see have been made, giving us a better place for young people to grow up in.

“The tree itself is symbolic for young people because it’s going to grow as the young people of North Ayrshire right now are growing. It’s really important to us to make sure there’s a legacy of the year as it’s been such a great success that we don’t want to just leave it there. Every year should be the Year of Young People in North Ayrshire.”