PARENTS have hit back at a damning inspection report which rated their children’s school as “weak”.

Loudoun Montgomery Primary School and Early Years Centre were both dealt devastating reviews in which they were told their leadership and inclusion and wellbeing of children was “weak”.

But parents have said the report is “not a true reflection” of the school and praised staff for “going above and beyond” for their children.

Inspectors said the school required “additional support and more time to make necessary improvements” and would be working with North Ayrshire Council to help implement changes.

But mums have hit back, sharing their disagreement with the report and pride in the school.

Esther Vaughn said: “My children attend this school and we love it. My children are happy, learning and it’s such a great community. Staff are friendly and approachable, and they have a great approach to teaching. Sadly, when a school doesn’t fit into ‘the system’ it gets a bad inspection. I hope they don’t put too much pressure on the staff and children.

“Whilst I am sure there is always room for improvement, I am so sad the inspectors couldn’t see what all the staff, children and parents do - it’s a great opportunity for us to show what a great wee school it is and how amazing it will be in 12 months too.”

Another parent, Mhairi MacLean said: “Although this report has not met the supposed criteria of what advocates as a good school, what the report hasn’t shown is how much these teachers go above and beyond the call of duty not just for the children but also the families in the area. They help every child to reach their potential and I’m sure will do so even more just to show to the inspectors how good a school Loudoun Montgomery is.”

Another mum, Carol Weir added: “I sat in with the group of parents with the inspectors definitely more positive comments than negative. Excellent school, teachers & all staff approachable, it’s only fault is being extremely underfunded by the system.”

The Irvine Times’ story received more than 70 overwhelmingly positive comments from parents regarding the Loudoun Montgomery inspection report.

Inspectors will return to the school in 12 months to see what changes have been made.