Irvine police have started their own pop up shop after rising numbers of call outs over youth disorder in the Rivergate.

Officers from the Irvine Locality Policing team hosted their first drop-in session last week inviting residents to discuss any issues or concerns they have or to obtain crime prevention advice.

Officers were at Unit 32 between 1.30pm and 3.30pm last Friday after the plan was developed in response residents feedback.

Sgt Jason Drury, Irvine Locality Sergeant said: “We’re going to start having a drop in session within the Rivergate on Friday afternoons. I spoke to the Rivergate manager and he’s going to let us use one of his empty premises to set up a stall and invite people in to bring up any issues or anything they want to discuss.

“We’re looking to catch people who want to tell the police things but don’t feel like coming to the police office.

“This drop-in event has been organised to allow members of the public to come along and speak with us in a more informal setting. It is an excellent opportunity to meet your local officers and gain up-to-date crime prevention advice, as well as providing a forum to discuss any issues you are concerned about.”

Updating community councillors on ongoing mall disorder last week, Sgt Drury said: “With some individuals we’re trying to pursue anti social behaviour orders called Acceptable Behaviour Contracts which is used for people under the age of 16. We’re doing that with the vision that it’s going to prevent them from going down there and loitering.

“A lot of the youths the cops are dealing with they’re compliant with giving details and not causing any issues at all, so it is a difficult one trying to gauge who are trouble makers and who isn’t. A lot of the young people don’t know the impact they’re having, they don’t know this is causing havoc.

“A lot of them aren’t doing any harm, that’s the problem we’re facing. It’s not an offence unless they’re shouting or swearing or assaulting people.”