Council bosses were left red-faced after the Portal failed to light up blue for World Parkinson’s Day.

The Portal was to join more than 80 landmarks across Scotland lighting up blue to mark World Parkinson’s Day.

However after the the lights were switched on an attempt to make them brighter resulted in the unit shutting off entirely - with no one at the centre able to get them back on.

North Ayshire Council have since apologised for the bungle - with the councillor who tried to arrange it for the Ayrshire Parkinson's group calling it an 'embarrassing' episode. 

Irvine West Cllr Scott Gallacher said: "This is obviously a huge disappointment but its also a huge embarrasment for North Ayrshire Council

"We tried to arrange this at short notice, and everything was going to plan, then we can't get the light turned on - it's just embarrassing.

"The Parkinson's group are all exceptionally nice folk and were saying don't worry, it's the thought that counts, but I'm standing there and I'm dying inside.

"Ayr managed to get the Wallace Tower lit up and Kilmarnock got the big clock at the railway station lit up. Everyone else seems to have succeeded."

A North Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “We are fully supportive of raising awareness of this serious condition and would like to apologise for the problem at the Portal on Thursday evening.

“Preparations for the event had been made in advance at both the Portal and Saltcoats Town Hall.

“While the event went ahead at Saltcoats Town Hall without incident, unfortunately attempts to increase the brightness of the lights at the Portal resulted in an unexpected problem which could not be addressed by centre staff.

“Our technical teams will now seek to ensure the problem is rectified and the lights returned to full working order."

A KA Leisure spokesperson said: "The building was originally lit up by the blue light with no problems. People who came requested it to be made brighter. When the on-site staff tried to assist, the unit switched off entirely and wouldn't come back on.

"The issue has been reported for repair and will be done as soon as possible."